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Tour of Turkey 2021 – Stage 4 preview

By David Hunter

Alanya > Kemer 185km

You guessed it, another sprint. At least the stages start to get a little more interesting after this one.

At least we’ll get lots of nice shots of the sea. Same as the other stages, the route has nothing to talk about, this stage is all about the sprint.


An easy looking finish.

The only turn comes with 2km to go.

The bunch come off the highway and head left onto a smaller road. It’s then straight all the way to the end.


Another nice day for the bunch with temperatures getting up to 20 degrees. The wind will be around 15km/h and comes from the south, which means quite a strong headwind for the sprint.


Mark Cavendish – two consecutive wins, it’s great to see him back. Today was a very messy sprint, but his lead out did a great job of putting him into a strong position. Once the sprint opened he had the speed required to take another win. In his post-race interview he did mention the possibility of Hodeg going for a stage win, so we’ll have to see who gets the nod, but both could actually win.

Jasper Philipsen – still waiting for his first win of the race, but he’s been close. Today he got a little boxed in by Greipel and Cavendish, but once he had clear air you could see how fast he was. This is another big chance for him, I would expect him to get a win soon as he’s sprinting well.

Andre Greipel – a perfect lead out today by ISUN, but Greipel didn’t have the power. Will they continue to back him or go with Cimolai?

Stanisław Aniołkowski – 16th, 5th and 3rd, the Pole is moving in the right direction this week. Today his team did a very good job positioning him for the sprint, if they can do something similar in this stage he has a chance to take a win.

Kristoffer Halvorsen – 2nd and 4th so far this week, he’s been looking fast. Uno-X have a strong sprint train to support their sprinter, it would be great for him to take a confidence boosting win.

Arvid De Kleijn – 1st, 4th and 7th are his results so far this week, he can be very pleased with his performance. Taking another win will be very difficult, but you just never know.

Prediction Time

I’ll stick with Jasper Philipsen, he has to win soon.

David Hunter

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