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USA Pro Challenge 2014 – Stage 4 Preview

By David Hunter

Stage 3 Recap

A surprising 8 man break developed over the top of Monarch Pass. In the break was Van Garderen, Hermans, Majka, Rogers, Poljanski, Danielson, Acevedo and Jones. Back in the peloton, Trek were riding hard for Matthew Busche.  Trek brought the break back and everyone was happy to see Rogers going solo. The peloton only had 24 riders in it and BMC led the chase, with 3 men in front of Van Garderen. On the climb Tom Danielson went crazy! He closed down around 5 attacks and attacked a few times himself. With 3km to go, Matthew Busche attacked and no one chased. Tinkoff-Saxo were the ones who started to chase and they did a good job, collecting Busche with 2km to go. With 1km to go it was Van Garderen who attacked. The only rider that could follow was Majka. Tejay went so fast, Majka couldn’t come round and take the stage. The big American taking a well deserved win. Tommy D needs to take a look at his tactics.

Stage 4 Colorado Springs Circuit Race 113km


The riders tackle a very challenging and short, circuit route in Colorado Spings. We have 4 laps, which include some difficult climbs: Garden of the Gods, Messa Road and Ridge Road, which has a maximum of 17%.

The climbs are all short and steep and suit the punchy rider. The stage will also appeal to the breakaway specialists in the field.

It will be hard for any of the sprinters to make it to the end of the stage, so the most likely scenario is a small, bunch sprint.

If that is the case, we have a few riders with a fast sprint: Tvetcov, Zabel, Huzarski and Mohoric.

Mohoric is probably more likely to attack on the final descent. It will give the viewers, another chance to see his unique descending style!

With the stage being very short, it will be difficult for the break to establish a big enough gap, to allow them to stay away.

Prediction time…

I’ll go for Serghei Tvetcov of Jelly Belly.

David Hunter

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