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Vuelta España 2017 – Points Classification Preview

By David Hunter

The battle for the green jersey. Forget all images of the sprinters battling for this honour in the Tour de France, it doesn’t work that way in Spain! Just like the KOM competition, the organisers follow a traditional scoring method, making all stages equal in points. As the route is mountainous, it makes it very hard for a sprinter to with the points jersey, it goes to the most consistent rider throughout the whole race.

Scoring System

1st – 25 points, 2nd – 20 points, 3rd – 16 points, 4th – 14 points, 5th – 12 points, 6th – 10 points, 7th – 9 points, 8th – 8 points, 9th – 7 points, 10th – 6 points, 11th – 5 points, 12th – 4 points, 13th – 3 points, 14th – 2 points, 15th – 1 point.

Intermediate Sprints

1st – 4 points, 2nd – 2 points, 3rd – 1 point.

There is no point going in a risky break for intermediate points, this classification is all about finishing high at the end of stages.


2016 – Fabio Felline

2015 – Alejandro Valverde

2014 – John Degenkolb

2013 – Alejandro Valverde

2012 – Alejandro Valverde

2011 – Bauke Mollema

2010 – Mark Cavendish

It is possible for a sprinter to win the green jersey, but it is hard. In 2015, Degenkolb won four stages and was second in another two. Back in 2010, Cavendish won three stages, was second in three and third once. Both routes had a number of sprint finishes.

2017 is not a great route for the sprinters, as we only have five stages that could end in sprints and that’s not guaranteed. With a lack of top sprinters and teams to back them up, some of those days could end with success for the break. For a sprinter to take the green jersey, they need to win four stages, that is going to be hard.

On the flip side, we have a number of mountainous days where the GC riders will contend for stage victory. Potentially, we have ten days where a select group will reach the finish together. Obviously, we will have breakaway wins, but that still swings things in the favour of the GC riders.

Potential Winners

To win the green jersey you need to be consistent. The GC days are a mix of long mountains, wall finishes and flat sprints from a reduced group. This is why Alejandro Valverde usually does so well! In order to challenge for the green jersey you need to be good at all of these, that narrows the field down considerably.

The winner will be a top 10 rider, who can sprint well. That is all your getting, no names!!

David Hunter

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