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The Course

It is the weekend before the world championships and at this point all the riders who are hopeful of a strong result in Fayetteville must have strong legs and will have in this weekend their final tests. This Saturday we have the 6th round of the X2O Trofee and we’re in Hamme, the course is set to be dry and fast, although things can be different in some sections around that little lake, but  even if so it shouldn’t be crucial. 

There is no major climb to tackle, there are a couple of technical sections, one the riders go up and down a small bank, and the other we’ve got some off-camber action but it shouldn’t be too troubling, between those sections there really isn’t that much as the riders will have some fast and flat sections where it will be hard to cement gaps, the final portion of the route includes an iconic sweeping section in the woods.

Video: Recon of the course (95% the same as last year)


The Startlist

1.Lucinda Brand 2.Sanne Cant 3.Denise Betsema 4.Fem van Empel
5.Annemarie Worst 6.Clara Honsinger 7.Shirin Van Anrooij 8.Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado
9.Eva Lechner 10.Yara Kastelijn 11.Manon Bakker 12.Aniek Van Alphen
13.Alicia Franck 14.Marion Norbert Riberolle 15.Zoe Backstedt 16.Suzanne Verhoeven
17.Ellen van Loy 18.Anna Kay 19.Marie Schreiber 20.Jinse Peeters
21.Karen Verhestraeten 22.Tereza Vanickova 23.Maud Kaptheijns 24.Alma Johansson
25.Julia Kopecky 26.Julie Brouwers 27.Isa Nomden 28.Taylor Kuyk-White
29.Jana Dobbelaere 30.Corey Coogan Cisek 31.Loes Sels 32.Fleur Moors
33.Femke Gort 34.Audrey De Keersmaeker 35.Jana van der Veken 36.Isabelle Klein
37.Maité Barthels 38.Famke van Waterschoot 39.Lies’L Schevenels 40.Susanne Meistrok
41.Layla Barthels 42.Chloe Van den Eede 43.Meg de Bruyne 44.Tessa Zwaenepoel
45.Tine Rombouts 46.Xenna de Bruyckere 47.Lara Defour 48.Kim van de Steene
49.Rosanne Breugelmans 50.Marlies Vos 51.Febe Schokkaert 52.Cato Cassiers
53.Lise Van Wunsel 54.Kiona Dhont 55.Jolisa Verschueren 56.Esther van der Burg
57.Lotte Baele 58.Shana Maes 59.Jennifer Malik 60.Emily De Cuyper
61.Nele de Vos 62.Jo Blanchaert 63.Tiger-Lil Harinck 64.Laura Greenhalgh
65.Caren Commissaris 66.Sara Beeckmans 67.Anne van Rooijen

This is according to the official startlist, it can at times not be completely accurate.

The Favourites

There is a big fight currently going on for the cup lead with a mere 2 seconds separating Denise Betsema from 2nd place Lucinda Brand. Surprising perhaps, seeing as Brand dominated most of the season, however the main plot of the race should revolve around the battle between these two, it won’t be an easy route to create gaps so surely, this time Betsema will opt to ride more defensively, as she should.

The race won’t just be between them, obviously, quality stretches far and wide in the women’s field and this weekend the Dutch fleet is back, besides the names previously mentioned, we have the return of Annemarie Worst and Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado aswell who are very much favourites for this win and could benefit from the battle between Brand and Betsema on such a flat route, Fem van Empel is also on the startlist after her win in Flamanville, which saw the youngest ever podium on a female women’s world cup race.

We’ve got Sanne Cant and Clara Honsinger back, this isn’t a route that perfectly suits the duo but they are the best non-Dutch riders on the start here, the likes of Shirin van Anrooij, Manon Bakker and youngster Zoe Backstedt are also good outsiders to take into consideration.

Prediction Time

1st– Lucinda Brand

2nd– Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado

3rd– Denise Betsema

4th– Fem van Empel

5th– Shirin van Anrooij

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Rúben Silva

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